Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sesi Makan Sate - Round 2, Part 3

Memoirs to remember, treasured in our hearts.
The unforgotten smile, friendships last....forever!


Fadil, Lopaque & wife

Fadil with sate...hehe

Fadil makan lagi

Amoy can't wait to indulge IN the cake! :-)

Lepas makan baru start tanya khabar masing-masing....

A good friend will always be honest with u.."bro..ada daging selit kat gigi la...."

Kimmy, My lovely angel & Mr control ayu-rich.

Kitaro menayang kamera barunya...setelah gagal menang main prize during EGN...hehe

A candid shot by Pokpih...

Abu G posing with Pokpih yg senyum sokmo...

Abu G with his dearest family

Nyena said, "He ate the most..."
Fadil said, "Nope! She ate the most!!"
Miss Sya said, " one knows that I ate the most...lucky me!"

Something's tickling....

It's time to say goodbye, will miss u and see u again...with lots of hugs & kisses...

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