Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Export your blog to Posterous

(pronouce as: POS TERUS)... :-P

Nama & maksud pun berkaitan. Ntah2 CEO dia orang melayu x? haha..SengaL

It is actually another blogging platform for bloggers. Tersangat la mudah...nama pun Pos terus...

Kalau rasa nak berpaling tadah dengan WordPress, Blogger atau apa saja blogging platform yg lain, just import semua content blog kita ke posterous.

Basically all you need to know is your URL and respective username and password. Then you can opt to merge the entire site or just individual posts, and the rest is automated by Posterous.

The initial email-only mini-blog was nice for photos, support quick content add on by using the bookmarklet and you can integrate Sign in with Twitter for blog comments. Another way to get people to follow you.. :-)

Basic steps to join Posterous:

As simpler as they claimed. Give a peep. Who knows? :-)

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