Friday, March 6, 2009

Goodbye Comel a.k.a. Debot

It's always hard to accept when you lost your pet. Mine just gone an hour ago. It was a birthday gift to my second daughter for her 10th birthday in June 6th last year.

The cat went missing for two days and refused to eat for the past week.
When I discovered the cat, I guessed it was already at its ninth live...ants were all over its face while the nose was discharging some yellowish liquid. I can see some tears rolling down while looking at me. But when I tried to bring it home, the cat fled slowly away into the bush.

My kids and I just looked at the cat from far a
nd just wait while let it "leave us". Goodbye Comel a.k.a Debot...we all love you..especially Syuhada & ayah..

Annas, if you read this, Mama & Ayah were in Singapore & we went to the house to feed Debot & Patsy.

This was the last photo tak
en with my second daughter, Syuhada. Cry baby, cry..let Debot rest in peace. I know you are going to miss Debot and I know how much you love animals. You have the softest heart among all my beautiful daughter. Mama loves you, and I want you to know that.

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