Thursday, March 12, 2009

Full throttle

Yesterday was one hell of a day!
Car got overheated, caught in rain, redah banjir, mom sakit, ada 3 biji kek x siap lagi...ish! mana nak lari, ek?

Lepas tu aku sudah goreng plak sorang mamat ni.. :) Actually nk minta photo on behalf of my client, tp takut dia charge me as publisher, so aku goreng la dia kata "I'm from client's office"..hehehe..dpt terus gmbr...:D
Today, aku rasa bersalah la plak...bila dia minta to publish his name kat "my" advertisement (my client). Huhu..x bole la...sorry..but I can pr
omote his work here, in my blog...(nk tebus dosa). Bole, ek? Sorry la sbb i nyamar..but i have my own reason why I did publisher, we have datelines & time is money to us. Lambat publish mag is money to us. Hope u'll understand. Neway, a compliment to Prologue Photography.

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