Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ehoza Goes Nature (EGN)

20th March 2009....

I have save the date! I am going for a trip with my girls to Taman Negara, Pahang.
It's a trip organized by Ehozarian. There'll be lots and exciting activities throughout the 3 days trip.

Ehoza, is a forum group where I made new friends, joined charity works, met new faces, played badminton and shared ideas and information. A group of young spirits (regards to age) and background. It's a new horizon for younger generation to make an example that there still group of surfers whom actually had and did better things in life through the world wide web.

Semalam dapat juga join
sesi badminton ke 4 KBE. Bawak sekali my angels...I will always try to bring them in all my involvement with Ehozarian. I want my girls to experience while learn how to socialize with the right people.

Like I always tell my angels, "life is short, befriend with all and you will learn the most valuable experience in life"

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