Monday, March 23, 2009

Ehoza Goes Nature

Been there, joined them, played the games, talked, joked, walked, laughed, dined, smiled, helped, cheered and lots more. Felt like they are part of my family members when I just knew them in person for less than an hour.

It's hard to believe when "virtual" friends will actually meet in person, through a "virtual" planned program which ended as the most valuable memory in reality!

EGN at glance:

1. Telematch - for members to get to know each other.
2. Night walking in forest - as an introduction for the jungle tracking.
3. Dining together - for members to socialize
4. Jungle Tracking - 8km of walking, climbing and mental plus physical challenge on a canopy walk.
5. Treasure Hunt - An excuse for all members to coordinate and cooperate.
6. Finale - Prize giving for winners and lucky people...:D

I know...I know....where's the picture? I will upload as soon as I managed to collect them all from Ehoza's official photographer and from there, I will elaborate further on the magnificent event

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