Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fast to be healthy

Approximately once a year, able-bodied Muslims everywhere abstain from not just food and drinks, but also from consuming of anything...from cigarettes to chewing gum, between dawn to dusk.
This happens only during Ramadhan, as soon as the first sighting of the crescent in the sky signals the arrival of the ninth Islamic month.

Fasting is one of the five pillars in Islam. It is one of the obligations of every able and healthy Muslim. Fasting in Islam goes beyond feeling hungry and thirsty in order to understand what is it like to be indigent. It is also a month about destroying the soul from the negative and impure. Fasting is also seen as an opportunity to be seized, a time to get rid of bad habits and to embark on good ones, to be more forgiving, more spiritual and more connected to Allah s.w.t.

Ramadhan is a blessed month for every Muslim. Besides getting blessings from Allah s.w.t. for those who are able to fast, it is also a great time to detoxify the body.

What stand true for all, is the fear that this form of worship is "difficult to do". Yet, we often hear of occurrences whereby one feels tired, experiencing headache, upset stomach and some even gain weight during fasting month! :-)

It is an amazing fact that if you consume the right food during Ramadhan, the feeling of tiredness can be a thing of the past. During Ramadhan, you only get two mealtimes a day, make sure that the food you are taking consist of good nutrients. Otherwise, your body will get into reverse mode or even worse, starvation...!
It does not matter how simple, little or how much, especially in the wee hours of the morning when sleeping in is so much more tempting than eating something healthy. To fight hunger twinge and to overcome lethargic, try these simple yet healthy plan:

~ As soon as you get up for Sahur, drink two glass of water before starting your meal. After meal, grab a couple of ripe bananas and complete it with a glass of yogurt drink or cultured milk drink (needless to say on these drink benefit). Aide in healing ulcers, digestive disorders and fatigue. So, NO more excuse to skip fasting..!

~ The best way to break fast is to drink another two glass of water while eating a handful of dates. Dates are packed with great nutrients, especially potassium. The best way to re-nourish and rehydrate the body.

~ Have some fruits before performing Maghrib pray and continue with light dinner just before Tarawih. It's a wonderful time...not just gain blessings, but to calm our mind through meditative prayers. Plus, a gentle physical movements of Tarawih ~ exercise is, anyway.

~ Try to stop eating three hours before going to bed. You'll end up waking up dizzy for Sahur.

Choose lean white meat like chicken breast instead of red meat like beef or mutton. Get more protein from beans and fish.

Avoid fried food during break fast as it can cause unnecessary fat gain or indigestion during the night.

~ Reduce your consumption of coffee, carbonated drinks and cordials as well. Better still, take some supplement to your balanced diet.

Islam wants Muslims to be healthy, clean, alert and energetic. "Fast to be healthy" as said by our Prophet (s.a.w.)

All the best in your fasting and may Allah bless us all in the month of Ramadhan. Amin.

"Ya Allah! I seek protection in You from that I should not join any partner with You knowingly. I seek Your forgiveness from that which I do not know. I repent from ignorance. I free myself from disbelief and joining partners with You and from all sins. I submit to Your will I believe and I declare: There is none worthy of worship besides Allah and Muhammad s.a.w. is Allah’s Messenger.”


  1. Thank you for sharing. I always wanted to know more about Ramadan and this is explained wonderfully! May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to you.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Wendy. May your life filled with joy, happiness and success.
    p/s: Love your creative work! :-)