Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's All About Love

Nothing much to write. The picture says it all. All about love. What I love to do, people I love most...in my life. ^_^

Zaman muda2 dulu, aku memang suka menari...sekarang anak-anak yang pulak yang minat...♥♥♥

And the legacy continues....♥♥♥

Still wondering where did my girls picked the "spirit for sports". Never in my childhood years, I have the interest to take part during sports day at school... :P
Seriously, aku memang kaki bangku. Bukan tak try ambil bahagian, time kelayakan dah terkeluar...camne tu?

...not even to run..hahaha...!


Menyibuk bila sekolah ada competition or sports day...never failed to "menyibukkan diri" hehe

@ home: Love to bake & decorate cakes & cupcakes...♥♥♥

7 Flavours ~ Cake & Topping: Pandan Mint, Vanilla with Strawberry (filling), Double Chocolate, Orange Poppy Seed, Carrot, Blueberry Coconut & Banana Lemon...(phew). Nasib baik ordered by a dear friend & big quantity. If not, I will give an auto-reject. :P

More cupcakes...

Engagement cake for my cousin

Tema majlis pertunangan was Purple. The cake was a major failure...and the hardest part was to cover the cake base & whole cake. :-)

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