Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tagged by eina!

Thank you -eina- from for tagging me.

It's All about love:

  1. I am crazy over handbags! (true confession)
  2. I like baking because I am fond of cakes
  3. I listened to music because it soothes me
  4. I enjoyed doing crafts during my free time
  5. I enjoyed blogging every second permits
  6. I feel good whenever I hang out at Ehoza
  7. I'm a "pinky" girl.. :-P
  8. I would prefer chocolate rather than ice-cream
  9. I am easy with flip-flop, jeans & t-shirt
  10. I love my ANGELS second to my life... :-D
I shall forward this award to: wan, lynda, aliaman, turf, kimigairu

Okay. I am done! :-)

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