Saturday, April 11, 2009

My new routine

My mom been hospitalized since Monday. Nothing serious actually....Insyaallah...
I have to change my daily routine from straight to office after sending my girls, to visit her at hospital when later off for appointments (meaning I have to skip route to office). Fetch my girls from school at 4 pm. In between juggling house chores, I'll peep my mom again before sped off to send my girls for tuition class at 8 pm...ha ha... enjoyed myself chauffeuring around though... :-P

The most stubborn daughter I have been, my mom have no choice but to let me take care of her other than my dad because my sister is still in confinement (it's been 15 days) and brother is far away in Nova Scotia ... :-)

Adding more? My daughter fell ill last Thursday...I can't go to work. Have to cancel all my appointments and I was actually smiling over things happened. Know why? Because I have to rescheduled again!!

Here goes.....

Sent my girls to school, ran down to hospital to update what the Doctors commented on my mom's condition then back home to cool down my daughter's fever and back to hospital again when later stop by at school before heading home. Late evening stopped by at hospital... that made me smile as I think back what I did last couple of days... :-)

It's all about love... my love towards my angels and my only mom.

p/s: times like this, I really need a hubby...well, at least to take over the steering so that I catch a short nap... :-P

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