Thursday, February 5, 2009

Remembering the days....

Sometimes I feel like turning back the clock. Yes, I know it'll never happen. Regretting for what I have now? NO. Not ever.

Met a long lost friend recently. Meeting her means recalling back my flying days. She was screaming at joy when we saw me.
Haha..she's a "Datin" now while I am just ME... :D

"You have changed! What happened? You
disappeared.. just like that. " keep repeating her questions..

She was stunned looking at me and can't even blink her eyes to believe..
Me? Can't help myself from 'blushing' and grinning all the way... :)
Yea...missed "flying" at times. Regret....yea..sometimes.... wanna fly again? Wish I could..would love I can bring my girls travel around with me..

But I have wasted 6 years of waiting. Can't regret a single decision because things happened and I chose it to be that way.

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