Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm leaving for Johor Bahru tomorrow..well, in 12 hours time. Can't sleep...lonely & bored.

This is me actually, almost all weekends my girls will leave me alone at home to pay a visit to their dad. Memang dah jadi routine mereka jika tiada aktiviti hujung minggu dgn aku.

The minute they walk out the door, I can feel the silent down to my bone and I'll end up jadi "part" of the furniture in the house. I won't feel hungry, don't feel going out and at times, don't feel like taking a bath! other words, I became LAZY.. :D

Missed my girls and missed my brother..(I know u always pay a visit here, Nas..)

To my girls, I will always try my best to be a good mom and I want you girls to know that I live my life for you girls..I wanna be by your side & everything that you you all, always.

Kenapa tetiba aku sedey plak ni? Neway, next week ahead will be very busy collecting material for next issue of Ratu Sehari magazine.

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